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Forbidden City
Splendors of Chinas Forbidden City: the Glorious Reign of Emperor Qianlong.

The Private Life of Chairman Mao
From 1954 until Mao Zedong's death 22 years later. Dr. Li Zhisui was the Chinese ruler's personal physician. In this book, Dr. Li vividly reconstructs his extraordinary time with Chairman Mao.

Greatwall of China
The Great Wall was listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987.

Insects as Food
The term for eating insects is entomophagy. Throughout the history of mankind, eating insects has actually been a common idea.

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Police officer in Athens with Afghan refugees requesting political asylum.

Greece (scenic) 2008
Includes photos from Arcadia, Laconia, and Kythira.

Greece 2008
Includes snaps from a demonstration by Afghan refugees in Athens on 11 October requesting political asylum.

Slideshow of Berchtesgaden, Germany (December 2007)
Selected photos from Berchtesgaden, home of the 2008 bobsled and luge world cup!

Slideshow of Balkans (December 2007)
Selected photos from Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Kosovo and Croatia.

Ted's travel log (December 2007)
Notes from my travel from Athens, to Thessaloniki, and then through the Balkans, Skopje (Macedonia), Prisitina (Kosovo) and Croatia.

Meteora, north Central Greece(December 2007)
Located in north central Greece, in the Thessalian valley, between the Chasia mountain range in the north and east and the Pindos range to the west, these gigantic upheavals form a spectacular sight. Only a handful of monasteries and nunneries exist today, down from the 24 in its peak during 16th century. Today six exist, mainly as museums, the Great Meteoron, the St Stephen, the Varlaam, the Holy Trinity, the Roussanou, and the Saint Nicolas Anapafsas.

The long and winding road in Meteora.
Kayaking in Milos, Greece(Novemberer 2007) pictures from two 5 day courses, taught by Rod Feldtmann, of Sea Kayak Milos.

China,Tibet and Nepal: articles and photos
On this page, you'll find links to recent articles and photos on a trip currently in progress. We went from Beijing to Xi'an by train, then onward to Lhasa and overland by jeep to Nepal. Tibet is a fascinating place with a history of rule by theocratic despots that were replaced by Chinese tyrants.

India: articles and photos
We spent 1.5 years in living in Bangalore and travelled extensively around the subcontinent. With over 1.2 billion people are jammed into a country one-third the size of the US, you can rest assured the survival of the fittest is largely based on enforcement of the caste system.

Greece, Germany, Bolivia and Oregon

Flash1: Peloponessus, Greece October 2005

Flash2: Family & friends, Peloponessus, Greece October 2005

Flash3: Bolivia, October 1997

Germany, December 2002. Color

Luther Metke, labor activist, builder of bridges and log cabins. Fall 1980.